Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: October 30, 1893 (Liverpool Mercury)

October 30, 1893
Liverpool by their easy victory over the Woolwich Arsenal on Saturday have so firmly planted themselves at the head of the Second League that it will be very difficult to oust them from their present position.

It is a truly splendid record for a team to have advanced so far in the contest and yet remain undefeated, although six out of the nine games have been played upon their opponents’ ground.

Expecting to meet with strong opposition at Woolwich, the Liverpool committee determined to lose nothing by any over-confidence, so, in addition to the players travelling to London on the Friday, and thus having but little journeying on Saturday, the two new recruits (Douglas Dick and Harry Bradshaw) were introduced into the team, and the wisdom of the action of the executive was fully justified by the result.

Another record gate awaited the appearance of the Liverpudlians, and if not the proud visitors, the Arsenal received a substantial sol???? In their “gate.”

Hannah won the choice of ends for the ninth time in League games, and this fact was a very important factor in giving the visitors their success. Matters were looking most  ??? ??? for Liverpool when, after half an hour’s play, with a gale of wind at their backs, they had not put on anything to their credit, but imitating a style initiated by Malcolm McVean, and infusing a lot of dash into their work, a complete change came over the game, for in the remaining 15 minutes of the first half the team had pierced the goal space no fewer than five times.

After the second point had been scored the home team lost heart, and became a most disorganised crew. Even when the teams turned round they were altogether over-played, and but for some capital goal-keeping by Charlie Williams would have been more heavily thrashed than they were.

In every respect the Anfield team exhibited grand football, and, despite the absence of two such champions as Joe McQue and Patrick Gordon, gave one of their best displays this season. Matt McQueen ably filled the centre half position, whilst Harry Bradshaw’s and Douglas Dick’s play was of a high order, and materially assisted to the general improvement.

George Crawford, Charlie Williams and John Storrs were the best exponents of the Woolwich team, but who, altogether cannot be congratulated upon their Saturday’s performance.
(Liverpool Mercury: October 30, 1893)

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):


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