Tramway extension in Liverpool

November 22, 1893
To the editor of the Liverpool Echo.

Sir, – Last week in the City Council a great effort was made to whip up members to get consent to the extension of rails in an out-of-the-way part of Everton, viz., the Liverpool Football ground. For Everton and Kirkdale have but three members, and yet they can make themselves felt in a matter of comparatively small importance when they have an object in view.

What I would like to know is how long the constant block of traffic is to continue in Berry and Renshaw streets, when a quarter of an hour could be saved at least in going to town by carrying a line of rails down Duke-street and along Paradise-street for all Dingle and Prince’s Park trams going to town. Here is a matter of infinitely greater importance in the very heart of the city, and yet small matters only affecting a very few of the population are hurried on in front.

This question should be looked into without delay. The only expense would be the purchasing of a small block of property at the bottom end of Duke-street, a mere cypher, compared with buying property either in Berry-street or Renshaw-street.

This concerns the members for Rodney, St. Peter’s, Pitt-street, Great George, and North and South Toxteth Wards, practically the half of the city. Surely they can remedy this block of traffic which occurs daily, when the three Everton members can accomplish so much.

Yours, &c., Real Economy.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: November 22, 1893)

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