Liverpool v Newcastle United

November 27, 1893
Liverpool v Newcastle United.
This return fixture took place at Newcastle on Saturday, before about 2,500 spectators, the weather being cold and miserable. Both teams were minus some of their players, Liverpool being the greatest sufferers in this respect, as Newcastle were only short of James Miller (full back), while Liverpool had to fill three vacancies. The teams were:

Newcastle United: W. Lowery, Harry Jeffrey, Thomas Rogers, Robert Crielly, William Graham, Joseph McKane, Charles Quinn, Thomas Crate, William Thompson, Toby Gilhespy, Joe Wallace.
Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride, Patrick Gordon, Douglas Dick, David Henderson, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen.

Henderson opened the game by kicking off against the wind and incline, but Newcastle were the first to be on evidence. Hands gave relief to the Liverpool side, and McQueen and Bradshaw removed the scene of operation, and but for an opportune clearance by Jeffrey might have succeeded in lowering the home team’s colours.

Led on by Graham the visitors were subjected to another brief siege, till Crate sent over the bar. Henderson obtained from the kick off, and with Dick and Gordon made considerable headway, but Rodgers intervened. McCartney had to work desperately hard to drive back Wallace and Gilhespy, who throughout the first half were a constant source of danger.

Again Henderson and Dick worked the ball up, and Dick breaking clear through the defence had terribly hard lines with his shot, which graced the bar. Gordon immediately gave Henderson an opening, but the latter dallied with the ball and thus lost his chance. The game continued to be desperately fought, no quarter being given or asked on either side, and when the whistle blew the required rest was indeed welcome to both teams. Liverpool had done well to keep the home team from scoring and it was anticipated that another victory would be recorded, seeing that everything was in their favour.

When the players had got to work again it seemed as though the visitors were going to have matters all their own way. Lowery being kept pretty busy for a matter of ten minutes or so. Then Quinn was given a chance, and slipping past McLean he brought the game into the Liverpool 25, where owing to some slackness by the forwards who would not take up the passes, the ball remained for some time., till at length a long cross punt by McBride was taken up by Gordon and Dick, and Lowery had to run out to save.

Liverpool then assumed the aggressive once more, but there being little vitality or sting in the play the homesters came up the hill in dashing style, several corners falling to their share. The light began to fail, and it behoved each side to be particularly on the alert, as a stray shot might find a billet, but the defence on both sides was excellent. The game resulted in a draw, no goal being scored, Liverpool thus remaining undefeated, although three months of the season have elapsed.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 27, 1893)

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