Money, money, money in football

December 16, 1893
£ s. d. is what we are after,” remarked the representative of a big League club at a meeting of the Palatine League the other night. And £ s. d. nearly brought about a smash up of the whole concern.

There are ten clubs in the League, and each one of the ten wanted to be in the division which included Everton, whose nice fat gates will cut up nicely for the needy ones. On the other hand, Everton wanted to get out of the Southern Division, with the double object of avoiding their mortal enemies and rivals – Liverpool F.C. – and securing a share of the gates of the pick of the League clubs in the Northern section.

As the Everton chairman presided and had the casting vote, this pretty arrangement might have come off had not Mr. John Lewis, of Blackburn felt it was a bit too barefaced, and so on his motion Liverpool were put in the Northern and Everton in the Southern division.

Mr. John James Bentley stated that his club would retire if this arrangement was not carried out, and Newton Heath would have done the same. £ s. d. is an indispensable requisite for clubs nowadays. But there is no necessity for an unseemly scramble for the spoils. United Counties League please note.
(London Football Evening News: December 16, 1893)


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