Man injured in football traffic

December 23, 1893
A man named Samuel Wilde, residing at St. Andrew-road, Anfield, is now living in the Stanley Hospital suffering from serious injuries, the result of being run over by a ‘bus. It appears that Wilde, who is about sixty years old, is a lamplighter in the employ of Walton Local Board, and was engaged in his duties on Saturday evening in Breck Road, Anfield, about the time of the conclusion of the Everton football match.

A large number of ‘buses were on their return journey, an one of them, crowded with passengers, instead of taking the usual Oakfield Road route, was driven along Walton Breck Road. At the corner of Breck Road Wilde, who was crossing, was struck by one of the horses and knocked to the ground, the wheel going over both his legs. He rendered unconscious, and Detective-constable George Leighton (county police) with assistance rendered first aid, and promptly placed the injured limbs in splints.

Wilde was then placed on an ambulance and conveyed to the Stanley Hospital, where on examination it was found that he had sustained a compound fracture of the right leg, and that the left leg was also badly injured, but fortunately not broken. The poor fellow was also considerably bruised about the body, these injuries having been caused by the horse’s hoofs. To-day (Tuesday) he is reported to be progressing favourably.
(Liverpool Echo: December 26, 1893)


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