Liverpool won 6-2 at Ardwick

December 25, 1893
These clubs having no League match to engage their attention, amicably decided to fight a third battle, and for that purpose the Anfield Club turned out at Ardwick on Saturday, before 3,000 spectators.

Ardwick: William Douglas, John McVickers, Frank Dyer, Harry Middleton, Daniel Whittle, Eric Regan, A. Bennett, E. Pickford, William Willey, William Egan, Bob Milarvie.
Liverpool: William McOwen, Andrew Hannah, John McCartney, Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride, Douglas Dick, Malcolm McVean, James Stott, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen.

Almost at the outset the visitors exhibited a much greater knowledge of the technicalities of the game than the homesters, and were very aggressive. The Liverpool half-backs and forwards almost reduced the home fortress with an incisive onslaught immediately following the kick off.

Egan and Milarvie availing themselves of every opportunity, at length got the best of the visitors’ defence, and a shot by the former was converted by Bennett. The home team were destined not to possess the advantage of the lead James Stott equalised, and by half-time the visitors had increased their lead by two others goals, obtained by Malcolm McVean and James McBride.

On reversing sides Liverpool continued to have all the play, occasional bursts away by the home left being the only work of any interest performed by the Ardwick Club. Before long Malcolm McVean found an opening with a finely propelled shot. James Stott headed through a little later, and it was left to Malcolm McVean to complete the half-dozen.

Both teams now eased up, but Whittle obtained possession in midfield, and being chased by Joe McQue sent in a finely judged shot, which William McOwen caught, but owing to an injury received earlier in the game he was compelled to let the ball go, and to the surprise of every one it rolled into the goal space, and thus made the game read 6 goals to 2 for Liverpool, at which result the game eventually ended, Liverpool winning in ridiculously easy fashion.
(Liverpool Mercury: December 25, 1893)

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):


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