The Corinthians fall at Anfield

December 27, 1893
About 6,000 people collected in the Anfield enclosure yesterday to witness the contest between the famous Corinthians and the Liverpool Club.

Liverpool: William McOwen, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride, Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, James Stott, David Henderson, Hugh McQueen.
Corinthians: William Robert Moon, A.H. Harrison, Frederick Raymond Pelly, A.G. Topham, William Norman Winckworth, E.C. Bliss, P.A. Fryer, G.P. Dewhurst, Arthur George Henfrey, John Gould Veitch, Rupert Renorden Sandilands.

The Corinthians mustered strongly, while the homesters were all in their places. The lucky Hannah won the toss, and after the opening exchanges McQue’s clever tackling gave the ball to Gordon, who got down into the enemy’s quarters, but was robbed when getting well in.

Henfrey, in imitation, broke right through, and racing McLean in long run had an open course before him, but unfortunately, kicked out. The Corinthian forwards were passing well, and obtained a corner and a foul, in the goal mouth. Liverpool now brightened up, but a fine centre from Gordon was allowed to go to waste, and Fryer getting the ball made a magnificent run, McLean just pulling him up in time.

Gordon presently ran up and centred. H. McQueen received the pass, but failed to utilise it. In a minute Gordon raced up again, and this time McQueen put the ball beautifully, and after one or two returns Henderson scored.

From the kick-off Liverpool had a long spell of attack, and Moon was called upon three times to save. The visiting forwards were now making determined efforts, but although their combination at times was excellent they were unable to do anything serious owing to the splendid defence of Hannah and McLean.

Hans relieved the pressure for a while. In shooting, at least, the visitors could give the homesters a lesson. Play was now fast and exciting, both sets of forwards working hard to gain an advantage, and attacks were repelled in quick succession.

From one of their rushes the home forwards were swarming round Moon, when the latter caught hold of Gordon by the arm and swung him off the ball. The ensuing free kick ended in a corner, which proved of no advantage. The ball was about to be sent into play again when the referee sounded the whistle for half-time.

On the resumption of play the Liverpool forwards made a brief incursion into the enemy’s territory. The Corinthians at this stage showed their intention of settling down in the home half of the field. Two corners quickly fell to their lot, but both were useless. The kicks of Harrison and Pelly were clean and decisive, and their forwards took every advantage of the position.

At last Henderson led the van, and with the greatest difficulty Moon managed to clear a slow, though extremely awkward, shot. The Corinthians were soon again to the fore, McLean this time being conspicuous. At the other end, Moon again saved a fine attempt from McVean. Liverpool kept up the pressure for some time, though unfortunately all the final shies were rather high, and they seemed unable to get dangerously near.

The Corinthians came on again with a determined rush, and McBride was just in the nick of time to save a goal, at the expense of a corner, which was cleared easily. Pouncing on the ball from the kick off Gordon passed to McVean, who shot over, but when play was resumed Henderson ran right though the goal with the ball at his toe, thus registering a second point for Liverpool, amidst loud cheers.

Both teams now exerted themselves to the utmost, and Moon and McOwen received attentions within the space of a few seconds. At the visitors’ end Moon defended his charge admirably, and but for his wonderful display the score would have been increased to a greater extent.

The Corinthians are a tall well-built set of men. In running they were superior to their opponents. They are good tacklers, and remarkably quick on the ball. Their gentlemanly conduct led to a very fine game, seldom marred by any unpleasantness. The spectators followed the play with great interest, and every piece of good work on both sides was applauded with enthusiasm.

Result – Liverpool, 2 goals; Corinthians, nil.
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