Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (December 30, 1893)

December 30, 1893
* Who will be the first to take Liverpool down at Anfield? A huge, serviceable nugget for the guilty party. Down deeper, Alex Nesbitt.
* Just as we thought and said – the Corinthians proud, big, and powerful as they are, had to lie low and acknowledge the little Liverpool team as their superior in the dribbling game.
* At Breck Road Theatre, Liverpool’s victory over the Corinthians was often called out, to be renewed and enthusiastically cheered, but one person said, “Everton can take care of themselves!”
* We don’t think Jock Smith, who played for Liverpool last season, good enough for Sheffield Wednesday. He was vigorous enough at first, but, like water, he soon found his level before the rapidity of Johnny Holt.
(Cricket and Football Field: December 30, 1893)

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