Liverpool v Woolwich Arsenal (Liverpool Mercury)

January 2, 1894
This match took place at Anfield yesterday, being the return League fixture between the teams. Fully 5,000 spectators assembled, and the weather and ground were most favourable to the game. Liverpool turned out their full team, while the visitors were also fully represented; teams:

Liverpool: William McOwen, Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean, Matt McQueen, Joe McQue, James McBride, Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, David Henderson, James Stott, Hugh McQueen.
Woolwich Arsenal: Charlie Williams, Joe Powell (C), William Jeffrey, Frederick Davis, Robert Buist, David Howat, James Henderson, Joseph Cooper, Billy Heath, Arthur Elliott, Frank Kirk.

Henderson kicked off against the Anfield goal, and the play was of give-and-take nature for some little time, till the visitors opened out somewhat, and Hannah was called upon to defend.

The Liverpool forwards responded, and Gordon and McVean changed the venue, Henderson almost completing some excellent work by his supports, and Liverpool then held command for a time, and corners fell freely to the home team, who, however, were unable to find the right spot.

After a spell of really fine play by the “Reds” the ball was again brought to the immediate vicinity of the visitors’ goal, and from the resulting corner McBride opened the score with a fast low shot. Immediately succeeding this success play took place in the Arsenal’s quarters, a pretty bit of combination bringing about a futile corner for Liverpool.

Midfield play then became general till Liverpool again took up the running, and smart work by McQueen and Stott gave McVean an opportunity, which he promptly accepted, and added a second point to Liverpool’s score. The Arsenal were now put entirely on the defensive, shots coming in from all quarters, but their defenders repulsed all the attempts, and half-time arrived with Liverpool in the ascendancy by 2 goals to nil.

Upon resuming the game was mostly played in the visitors’ half, till a sudden rush by the Arsenal forwards made matters look none too rosy for the Liverpudlians. McLean, however, with a heavy punt removed imminent danger.

After this the visitors had somewhat the best of the game, but the home team held them well in hand, and, although not exerting themselves as they might have done, kept the Southerners from scoring, and the game ultimately resulted in another win for Liverpool by 2 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: January 2, 1894)


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