Dinner’s on John Houlding

January 11, 1894
Complimentary dinner to the Liverpool Association Football Club. By the invitation of Mr. John Houlding, president of the above club, the members and friends of Liverpool Football Club were entertained to a dinner at the Sandon Hotel last evening. Among those present were the president, Messrs. Edwin Berry, Dr Flinn, Simon Jude, Dr Fisher, officials of the club, and others.

After the usual toast the Chairman proposed the “Continued Success of the Liverpool Club” and expressed his gratification at the form exhibited by the team.

Mr. Andrew Hannah (captain) suitably replied, and, at the same time, took the opportunity of presenting Mr. Houlding, on behalf of the first team, with a beautiful silver kettle, saying at the same time that the team were determined to do their best to uphold their club’s reputation.

Songs and other toasts followed, and a pleasant and enjoyable evening was brought to a close by singing the “National Anthem.”
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: January 12, 1894)

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