FA Cup

Meeting of the Football Association (January 31, 1894)

January 31, 1894
The council of the Football Association met last evening at their offices, 61, Chancery-lane, London, when Mr. J.C. Clegg (Sheffield) occupied the chair, being supported by 32 delegates from the various associations and divisional councils.

The protests by Woolwich arsenal and Burnley in their respective ties last Saturday were dismissed, the referee’s report in each case being considered as decisive. The result of the draw for the second round of the cup competition resulted as follows: –

Liverpool v. Preston North End. – Referee, Mr. John Lewis (Blackburn); linesmen, Messrs Birtwistle and Keay (Blackburn).

Sheffield Wednesday v. Stoke. – Referee, Mr. T.S. Ashmore (Leicester); linesmen, Messrs. Strawson (Lincoln City) and Roberts (Derby).

Sunderland v. Aston Villa. – Referee, Mr. C.J. Hughes (Cheshire); linesmen, Messrs. Aaron Scragg (Crewe) and Hawisty (Middlesbrough).

Newton Heath v. Blackburn Rovers. – Referee, Mr. R.E. Lythgoe (Liverpool); linesmen, Messrs. Kinsgcott (Derby) and Lamont (Liverpool).

Burton Wanderers v. Notts County. – Referee, Mr. J. Tillotson (Birmingham); linesmen, Messrs. Coobnell (Birmingham) and Heath (Stoke).

Newcastle United v. Bolton Wanderers. – Referee, Mr. Jack Howcroft (Redcar); linesmen, Messrs. Stacey (Sheffield) and Tomlinson (Sheffield).

Notts Forest v. Middlesbrough Ironopolis. – Referee, Mr. Tom Arnitt (Leek); linesmen, Messrs. Ormerod (Accrington) and Lowles (Derby).

Leicester Fosse v. Derby County. – Referee, Mr. J. Fox (Sheffield); linesmen, Messrs. Adams (Birmingham) and Proctor (Nottingham).

The first-named in each has choice of ground. Ties to be played on February 10. Kick off not later than three p.m.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: February 1, 1894)

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