Jack Ross out for Preston North End

February 10, 1894
After last Saturday’s match with Darwen, even the most ardent admirers of Jack Ross were forced to admit that he was not in fit condition to play football at present. Time after time this fact was painfully evident, and none felt the position more acutely than the famous back himself.

Accordingly, on Monday he decided to stand down again for a while, and to put himself under hydropathic treatment at the best establishment at Matlock. He took up his residence there early this week, and everybody wishes him a complete and speedy recovery.

The English Cup tie with Liverpool, notwithstanding the two ugly reverses recently suffered, is still looked forward to with interest. Of course the players will have to be rearranged, and what is most to be regretted it will be imperative to break up the half-backs. Who will substitute George Drummond here has not been decided as yet.

Forward, Barton will be unable to play owing to an injury to his foot, but in all probability Jack Gordon will be fit, and Connor may be able to throw in his help. Notwithstanding recent reverses, there is a pretty strong opinion that the Prestonians will be able to pull through. Liverpool’s consistency, however, makes them general favourites.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: February 8, 1894)

Nick Ross.
Nick Ross 2

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