Meeting of the Football League (February 19, 1894)

February 19, 1894
Football League

The Management Committee of the above met at the Royal Hotel, Manchester, on Monday, Mr. John James Bentley presiding. It was decided that John Garnett, of Northwich, be not allowed to take part in any League match until he gives satisfactory reason why he failed to turn up and play in their match after being selected.

Liverpool desired to alter the date with Northwich from Saturday next, owing to their having to play Bolton Wanderers in the English Cup-tie. It was decided that the match be played mid-week, during the month or March; terms absolutely left with the Management Committee.

Derby County and Sunderland were ordered to play their League match within 21 days from the original date of the fixture, February 17. It was decided to give each of the players in the England and Ireland Inter-League match a gold medal. Referees for March were appointed, and this concluded the business.
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: February 20, 1894)



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