Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool 3-0 (FA Cup: February 24, 1894)

February 24, 1894
Key note: “The meeting of the Bolton Wanderers and Liverpool served to draw together the largest crowd seen at Bolton for ten years. The crush was not so great as when Notts County played there in the presence of what was then a record gathering, still the gate accounted for about 16,000. This, too, in spite of increased prices of admission, which events fully justified. Even the lads found the usual charges doubled, but they raised the “nimble sixpense” somehow, nearly all the junior matches in the neighbourhood being declared off. The trips from the surrounding towns were freely patronised, those from Liverpool itself carrying large freights. The excellent order maintained on every side of the ground was remarkable, and testified to the good feeling that prevailed. Writing to a friend during the week Mr. William Barclay, the Liverpool secretary, ventured to say: “If the ground is dry we shall win; if it is wet we shall lose.” His prophecy was fulfilled, which is more than can be said of most seers. The ground was wet, and Liverpool were wiped out. They came to Bolton with the splendid reputation of having lost only two engagements – and one of those was merely an ordinary – and they were generally expected to make a gallant fight. If they had hopes of victory, a we know they had, their chagrin must have been deep-rooted at the close, for the Wanderers were clearly their masters on the day’s play. Whether it is training, or whatever the cause, the Bolton team played more vigorously throughout, and lasted to the finish, being much ahead of their opponents in this respect.” (Athletic News: February 26, 1894)

Match: FA Cup, Third Round, at Pikes Lane, kick-off: 15:00.
Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool 3-0 (2-0).
Attendance: 20,000; gate receipt: £480.
Referee: Mr. John Lewis; linesmen: Messrs. R. Birtwistle and Aaron Scragg (Crewe).
Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): John Sutcliffe; John Somerville, Di Jones; Alex Paton, Archie Hughes, Jimmy Turner; Davie Willocks, Robert Tannahill, Jimmy Cassidy, Jimmy Dickenson, Handel Bentley.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William McOwen; Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean; John McCartney, Joe McQue, Matt McQueen; Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, James Stott, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen.
The goals: 1-0 Dickinson (7 min.), 2-0 Cassidy (30 min.), 3-0 Cassidy.

Match reports:
* Liverpool Mercury: “Liverpool v Bolton Wanderers”;

Di Jones, Bolton Wanderers F.C. (Cricket and Football Field: September 16, 1893).

Archie Hughes, Bolton Wanderers F.C. (Cricket and Football Field: September 2, 1893.

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):


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