Nuggets from Football and Cricket Field (March 10, 1894)

March 10, 1894
* Mr John Houlding is going for a run down the Mediterranean, and will probably see Jerusalem, Cairo, Jericho, etc but it may be stated he does not intend to take his contemplated tricycle with him. A pleasant voyage and safe return.
* Gibans (John Givens), of Dalry, is the latest recruit for Liverpool and is spoken of as a good inside right. The other new man a half back, should be ready for action at the shortest notice. They are good judges who bring down the men to Liverpool, and the two last it is thought will be no exception to the rule.
* Gerard Dewhurst who has generously offered his services to Liverpool, does not think it “infra dig” to dress along with professionals. Others we could mention might learn a lesson of honesty of purpose from the Cambridge amateur.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: March 10, 1894)

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