Nuggets from the Cricket and Football Field (March 17, 1894)

March 17, 1894
* Willie Maley, of the Celtic, has been a good friend to Liverpool F.C., and it is chiefly he who has done so much to aid the rising club.
* Gerard Dewhurst was expected last Saturday v North End, but as he was reserve for Corinthians v Queen’s Park he could not come. Many are looking out for him.
* The majority of the Liverpool professional footballers idle their time during the week in a listless sort of way. When their football career is over, what will they do then?
* Both Everton and Liverpool have signed on nine men. We hear that only two of the latter club are pros.
* Celtic, it is said, want Joe McQue, of Liverpool fame, to take the place of Kelly, who is reported to be retiring at the end of the season. He has not signed for 94-5, and may go.
* It may be safely said that some of the Third Lanark who opposed Everton last Saturday will next season be opposing each other if Liverpool have to measure strength with the Goodison lot in the League.
* Liverpool still keep the even tenor of their way by burying at Anfield all who desire to go over to “that bourne from which no traveller returns” victorious. They also still keep the tenor of their club, but not for long, as he is bound for fresh fields and pastures new in Argentina.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: March 17, 1894)

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