Liverpool v Burnley 0-2 (County Palatine League: April 11, 1894)

April 11, 1894
Match: County Palatine League match, at Anfield, kick-off: 18:00.
Liverpool – Burnley 0-2 (0-2).
Attendance: 1,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5): William McOwen, Matt McQueen, Billy Hughes, Jimmy Stott, Joe McQue (C), James McBride, Harry Bradshaw, Malcolm McVean, David Henderson, John Givens, Hugh McQueen.
Burnley (2-3-5): Jack Hillman, Tom Nicol, Tom McLintock, Walter Place sen, Sandy Lang, George King, Bob Buchanan, Peter Turnbull, Jock Espie, Walter Place jun, William Egan.
The goals: 0-1 Turnbull, 0-2 “scrimmage”.

This return match took place at Anfield last evening. The weather turned out miserably wet, which consequently had a deterrent effect upon the gate. Liverpool, who were without Andrew Hannah and Duncan McLean, won the toss, and had all the best of the opening manoeuvres, Bradshaw and Henderson having splendid chances, but failing to utilise.

Burnley then placed Liverpool on the defensive, some capital forward play by Turnbull, Buchanan, and Espie locating the game in the home half, and from a long dropping shot by Buchanan, which Matt McQueen but partially cleared, Turnbull scored with a fast shot.

After the Anfield team had initiated a strong assault upon Hillman, in which McVean sent across the goal mouth in beautiful style thrice in succession, but to no purpose, a dash by Place and Egan raised the siege, and on Bradshaw and McVean attempting to reintroduce the play again in Burnley quarters, McLintock interposed with a lofty kick, which the heavy Burnley forwards converted by rushing the ball into the net.

Entirely owing to the fine defence of the Liverpool backs the game was most confined to midfield, the home forwards failing in a most unaccountable manner to do anything that was right.

The team lost no time in getting to work again, and by infusing a little more life into their play the homesters did much better, and caused Hillman to handle twice, but Burnley, playing in a style which was not to be denied, dashed up again, and maintained a sustained pressure upon McQueen, Hughes, and McOwen, who proved equal to the occasion, and prevented further disaster.

Responding to the calls of the crowd the play of the Liverpool team improved, and McQue opened a fine attack by a grand shot, which tested Hillman to the utmost. Keeping up their improvement, the Burnley team were put entirely on the defensive, and although corners and fouls frequently fell to Liverpool, luck seemed to have deserted them.

As full time approached Liverpool came again, but failed to bring off anything tangible, owing entirely to the want of forwards who knew where the goal lay. Eventually the game resulted in Liverpool meeting their first defeat at home by 2 goals to nil. The home record now is – matches played 26, won 24, lost 1, drawn 1.
(Liverpool Mercury, 12-04-1894)

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):

Jack Hillman, Burnley F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: December 3, 1898).

Tom McLintock, Burnley F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: November 16, 1901).


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