Nuggets from the Cricket and Football Field

Saturday, April 14 – 1894
* Granted that Everton beat Chester, Liverpool and Everton meet in the final for the Liverpool Cup. There will be a gate, undoubtedly.
* For a hard week’s work commend us to Liverpool, who on Monday met White Star Wanderers (Liverpool Cup); Wednesday, Burnley; Thursday, Blackburn Rovers; and today, Burslem (League).
* “Play up, Liverpool!” came from hundred throats, and the hot blood circled through our veins with the stirring cry and the narrow shaves.
* The mid-weekly matches at Anfield are not attended with great success, scarcely six hundred finding their way to see Burnley lower Liverpool’s colours.
* Rennie, of Liverpool FC, was honoured by being made captain against those determined Bootle lads. Needless to say he should be chosen skipper again, as his men just gained a victory, 4-1.
* Last Wednesday’s evening, after the Anfielders suffered their first reverse this season at home by Burnley, the losers’ committee were all excitement with the business of dealing with the grand reckoner of the 28th inst.
(Cricket and Football Field, 14-04-1894)


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