English League v Scottish League 1-1 (Inter League: April 21, 1894)

April 21, 1894
International: Inter League, at Goodison Park.
English League – Scottish League 1-1 (1-0).
Attendance: 28,300.
Referee: Mr. Robert Irvine (Ireland).
English League (2-3-5): John Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers), Jimmy Crabtree (Burnley), Bob Holmes (Preston North End), Jack Reynolds (Aston Villa), Johnny Holt (Everton), Ernest Needham (Sheffield United), Charles Athersmith (Aston Villa), John Goodall (Derby County), Jack Devey (Aston Villa), Fred Wheldon (Small Heath), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday).
Scottish League (2-3-5): David Haddow (Glasgow Rangers), James Adams (Hearts), Dan Doyle (Celtic), Isaac Begbie (Hearts), James Kelly (Celtic), David Mitchell (Glasgow Rangers), Jack Taylor (Dumbarton), James Blessington (Celtic), James Oswald (St. Bernards), Alex “Sandy” McMahon (Celtic), John Bell Barker (Glasgow Rangers).
The goals: 1-0 Goodall (30 min.), 1-1 Oswald.

Jimmy Crabtree, Burnley (Lloyd’s Weekly News: February 3, 1895):

Charles Athersmith, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: November 6, 1892):

Jack Devey, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 24, 1895):

Fred Spiksley, The Wednesday F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: October 1, 1898).

John Goodall, Derby County (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 2, 1893):

James Adams, Everton (Edinburgh Evening Express: April 7, 1893):

James Kelly, Celtic (Scottish Referee: January 21, 1889):

David Mitchell, Glasgow Rangers (Glasgow Evening Post: February 28, 1891)

James Oswald, St. Bernard’s (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 14, 1895):


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