Everton v Liverpool 3-0 (Liverpool Cup Final: April 30, 1894)

April 30, 1894
Match: Liverpool Cup, Final, at Police Athletic Ground (Fairfield), kick-off: 18:00.
Everton – Liverpool 3-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 4,000.
Everton (2-3-5): Dick Williams, Charles Parry, Smart Arridge, Bernard Coyle, Robert Jones, Jack Walker, Harry Reay, Joey Murray, Abe Hartley, Jack Elliott, David Storrier.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Alex Rennie; W. Mellett, Thomas Duckers; J. Kendrick, Billy Hughes (C), E.J. Newall; Powell, W. Crawford, William Travis, James Braniff, Bicknell.
The goals: 1-0 Storrier, 2-0 Hartley, 3-0 Storrier.

This match was played at the Police Athletic ground Fairfield last evening before 4,000 spectators. Reserves teams representing both sides.

Everton kicked off, and after a short-lived raid by Liverpool the ‘’Blues” attacked and a couple of corners fell to them without result. From another however, the ball kept bobbling in front of the goal in an ominous manner. Rennie saved thrice in clever fashion, and then Elliott shot abortively when in a favourable position.

A dash by the Liverpool left was neatly checked by Arridge and a long range by Parry located play once more in front of the Liverpool posts and on Rennie mulling, a corner proved futile. The latter’s goal experience a narrow escape a moment later from Elliott, whilst Storrier invaded over from a shot by Parry, Hartley then making a bad attempt when almost in front of the upright.

The game continued to favour the Evertonians, faulty shooting alone frustrating their efforts to score. A fine bit of play by Walker was neutralised by Hughes notwithstanding which the ‘’blues” returned to the attack, a wild shot passing high over the bar. Following a good attempt by Hartley Liverpool dashed off Williams saving cleverly from an attempt by Hughes the passing wide of the posts.

Corners followed to Everton, and a stinging shot by Murray brought Rennie to his knees. Williams was prominent at the other end when strongly pressed and up to the interval nothing had been scored.

Upon resuming Everton had a free kick and Storrier scored from Walker’s pass. Immediately afterwards Elliott had a fine chance, a feeble shot spoiling the attempt to score. Storrier who also at fault, and then from a throw-in Murray sent over and Elliott scored, only to be ruled off-side. An attempted breakaway by Liverpool having been checked by Arridge’s a long shot by Coyle followed by Hughes smartly checked by Hartley who dallied too long with the ball.

The Liverpool backs were playing a good game, and this coupled with faulty shooting by the Everton forwards prevented any scoring. Hartley, however, sent in a grand shot which hit the bar and then Powell and Crawford dashed off, Walker pulling them up and planting the ball in a favourable position, for Murray to send wide. Play was of a monotonous character occasional shots being aimed at the Liverpool goal, but all went wide or over the attempts being very weak. Everton, however, scored again.
(Liverpool Courier, 01-05-1894)

Charles Parry, Everton (Leeds Mercury: April 9, 1898):


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