Lancashire F.A.: The annual meeting of 1894

May 26, 1894
The annual meeting of the Lancashire Football Association was held at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale-street, on Saturday. Mr. W. Forrest, president, occupied the chair and was unanimously re-elected although he had intimated his intention to retire.

Messrs. Woodfall, Duxbury, Cooper, Bickerstaffe, and Ormerod were elected vice-presidents, and Messrs. Prescott and Hall were appointed auditors.

The voting for two members for each division of the executive committee resulted as follows:
Division 1: R. Watson, 36; T. Midgley, 32; H. Bradshaw, 17.
Division 2: J. Cooper and J. Lewis elected unopposed.
Division 3: John James Bentley, 37; J.S. Roscoe, 37; A. Gerrard, 8.
Division 4: A.E. Heap and W.E. Duckworth elected unopposed.
Division 5 (Liverpool): W.E. Barclay, 39; R.E. Lythgoe, 33; R. Molyneux, 16.
Division 6: R. Iddon, 33; J. Smith, 32; C. Parker, 15; W. Whiteside, 2.
Division 7: J. Nall and L.M. Sinclair elected unopposed.
(Liverpool Mercury: May 28, 1894)