Lancashire F.A.: The annual meeting of 1894

May 26, 1894
The annual meeting of the Lancashire Football Association was held at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale Street, on Saturday. Mr. W. Forrest, president, occupied the chair and was unanimously re-elected although he had intimated his intention to retire. Messrs. Woodfall, Duxbury, Cooper, Bickerstaffe, and Ormerod were elected vice-presidents, and Messrs. Prescott and Hall were appointed auditors.

The voting for two members for each division of the executive committee resulted as follows:
Division 1: R. Watson, 36; T. Midgley, 32; H. Bradshaw, 17.
Division 2: J. Cooper and J. Lewis elected unopposed.
Division 3: John James Bentley, 37; J.S. Roscoe, 37; A. Gerrard, 8.
Division 4: A.E. Heap and W.E. Duckworth elected unopposed.
Division 5 (Liverpool): William Edward Barclay, 39; Robert Edward Lythgoe, 33; Richard Molyneux, 16.
Division 6: R. Iddon, 33; J. Smith, 32; C. Parker, 15; W. Whiteside, 2.
Division 7: J. Nall and L.M. Sinclair elected unopposed.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: May 28, 1894)

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