Liverpool F.C. to move from Anfield to Stanley?

Monday, June 4 – 1894
The committee of the Liverpool Football Club, it is announced, signed an agreement yesterday with the Liverpool Athletic Company for the use of the latter’s ground at Stanley during the next football season, as it was impossible to accede to the terms demanded for taking over the extra ground required at Anfield.
(Liverpool Mercury, 05-06-1894)


The Liverpool FC is face to face with the same difficulty as beset the Everton Club, and which led to the latter club going to Goodison Park. As most people know, the Liverpool ground is cramped for room, and would be to the extent of ten yards more if the landlord of the adjoining land cared to insist on his right.

We don’t know that he is bent on putting his claims to the full, but the Liverpool Club want to secure the land and the owner’s price is really exorbitant and cannot be entertained. That is how the case stands at present, but the Liverpool Club have taken the precaution of securing another ground thus early.

We don’t know whether there is any secret in its locality, but it is on the Old Swan tram line, and is easily accessible by rail – in fact, in this respect it is better situated than even Goodison Park. Of course something will have to be done for the accommodation of spectators, and if the worst comes to the worst this will be accomplished. Still, if the club can possibly come to some arrangement they will stay where they are, but matters can be pushed too far.
(The Athletic News, 04-06-1894)




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