Liverpool F.C. and Mr. Orrell agrees on Anfield future

Monday, June 25 – 1894
Liverpool Association Football Club having come to terms with Mr Orrell in regard to the additional ground required, intend to build a stand that will provide seating room for 4000 spectators.
(Liverpool Mercury, 25-06-1895)


While the Everton shareholders were up in arms, the Liverpool directors were quietly concluding agreement with Mr Orrell, the owner of the land adjoining their ground. This means that the Liverpool Club will remain at Anfield, and today will see the commencement of the improvements of the ground. These will comprise the erection of additional stands on what is known as the old stand side and the land taken in will allow plenty of scope for the undoubted energies possessed by the executive of the Liverpool Club.
(The Athletic News, 25-06-1894)


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