Meeting of the Football League (August 1, 1894)

August 1, 1894
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at the Royal Hotel, Manchester, Mr. John James Bentley presiding.

The Irish League being unable to accept March 2 as a date for the inter-League match at Woolwich, it was decided to alter the same to February 16. Jimmy Ross appeared to ask for his transfer from the North End Club. It was decided that an open transfer could not be given; and it was further decided that a club wishing the transfer of any player on the transfer list and not being able to arrange terms with the original club, should make an application to the League, who will decide the amount to be paid.

It was arranged to play a match at Birmingham in September, Aston Villa v. a selected team of the League, for the benefit of the Macgregor fund, provided arrangements can be made with Aston Villa. The selection of referees for September concluded the business.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 2, 1894; via
© 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited
(Evening Telegraph: February 25, 1901)



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