Nuggets from the Cricket and Football Field (August 11, 1894)

August 11, 1894
* Jimmy Ross wants to reside in Preston no matter for which club he plays.
* Both Everton and Liverpool are busily preparing for the savage fray. Their toes are being clipped and their legs massaged.
* The new grand stand at Anfield represents three sides of a hexagon.
* Liverpool’s new grand stand is one hundred and twenty yards long, and will hold three thousand five hundred spectators comfortably.
* Those who know Fred Geary personally or by repute will sympathise with him and his wife on the loss of their first and only child.
* Cameron, of Liverpool F.C., has pleased some of our lay critics, not by his play, but by his form.
* J. Ross is going to Liverpool. He very nearly went to Sunderland, and at one time had accepted their offer.
* The £20 transfer on the late Ross, of Preston, now reads rather gruesome. Slave dealing would perhaps describe the League rule.
* The new stand at Anfield contains eleven rows of seats each rising eleven inches above its fellow. The paddock in front is fifteen feet six inches from the stand to the iron railings.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: August 11, 1894)

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