Practice match at Anfield

August 21, 1894
The first practice match of the Liverpool Club took place Tuesday evening upon the Anfield ground before a huge crowd, numbering fully 12,000.

The chief interest was centred in the performance of the new men, whose play was followed very keenly. Sides were chosen from the League team and the second string, and after an hour’s play the former defeated Mr. Nisbet’s organisation by 3 goals to 1.

Kerr (centre) and Drummond (left wing) made a most favourable debut, whilst Cameron, who played left full back for the second team, displayed first class form.

General admission was expressed of the really magnificent new stand, which, although at present incomplete, will rank among the finest in the country.

Teams – League Team: McCann, goal; Hannah and McLean, backs; M. McQueen, McQue, and McBride, half backs; Gordon, McVean, Kerr, Bradshaw, and Drummond, forwards.
Second team: Whitehead, goal; Hughes and Cameron, backs; McCartney, Stettiford, and Worgan, half backs; Crawford, Clarke, Travis, Givens, and H. McQueen, forwards.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 22, 1894)

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