A great day with the Liverpool F.C.

August 23, 1894
Inaugurated some three years ago, the growth of the Liverpool Association Football Club has been a remarkable incident in the history of the winter sport. The persistency of the doctorate, among whom are the founders of the game, so far as the city is concerned, has had no little to do with its prominence.

A fillip is given each season to harmonious working, by a picnic at which all the players attend, thereby coming into close contact with each other, and the third annual excursion of this description took place yesterday at Ormskirk.

Unfortunately the weather was depressing, nevertheless a most enjoyable day was spend at the newly-laid-out Victoria Athletic Grounds, which, by the enterprise of Mr James Eastham, bid fair to outrival in completeness anything of that kind in the district. There were present Messrs John Houlding, Ephraim Walker, Thomas McCracken, John McKenna, Sidney B. Cooper, Harry Oldfield Cooper, John Dermott, Benjamin Bailey, Charles Gibson, Alex Nisbet, Thomas Ellis, John James Ramsay, and Major Maccabe, with some 40 others.

On arrival some interesting sports took place, the results of which are appended. After this, dinner was served up under the direction of Mr Eastham.

Mr Houlding in a short speech prior to distributing the prizes, thanked the committee, and the players for the support they had rendered the club, whereby they were now in the first rank. He hoped once more to see the League Championship Cup at Anfield Road, and while encouraging the old members of the team to do their best to this end, he asked the new ones that they had secured, to work with a will.

He entreated them to play a good club game, without the idea of individual aggrandizement. Did they do this he felt certain that the reputation of their organisation would be maintained, and the record which they held would be repeated during the coming season. He concluded by thanking the host for the trouble and care with which he had entertained them that afternoon.

The company soon afterwards left Ormskirk and arrived at headquarters about ten o’clock.

The races resulted as follows: –
100 Yards Handicap – 1, W Travis, scratch; 2, J Braniff, 7 yards; 3, J Kendrick, 10 yards. Won easily.
440 Yards handicap – 1, T Clarke, scratch; 2, W Crawford, 10 yards; 3, H Pickering, 10 yards. Won easily.

120 Yards Handicap (final heat) – 1, P Gordon, 6 yards; 2, H McQueen, 10 yards; 3, D. McLean, 8 yards. Splendid race, a yard covering the first three.
440 Yards Handicap – 1, Abel Hughes, scratch; 2, M McVean, 10 yards; 3, D McLean, 10 yards. Won easily.
One Mile handicap – 1, J Whitehead, 30 yards; 2, J Drummond, 20 yards, 3, J McCartney, scratch. Won by five yards.
Consolation Race – 1, Bradshaw; 2, Kerr; 3, McCann.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 24, 1894)

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