Another practice game at Anfield

August 25, 1894
Liverpool had the large assemblage of upwards 10.000 persons on their ground this week, but as the grass was rather unduly and unruly long, the varied contestants, which included all their new players, were severely handicapped in their demonstration to effect public favour.

The second string, strengthened by Abel Hughes, Cameron, McCartney and Hugh McQueen showed the prettier football, and the best combination, although the seniors won by three goals to one. Hughes, the Welsh international from Rhos, exhibited a fine turn of speed when beaten, but none of the backs attracted great partiality by their clean or prodigious kicking.

Hannah was slower than usual, McLean a trifle wild, and Hughes overexcited to please. McCann who kept the sticks for the first eleven, did some clever things at times, and the goal that beat him was no fault of his. Still, his cleverness in some instances was anything but good.

Neil Kerr, who figured in the centre of the front line, was in the front rank of the attackers. He reminds one greatly of Archie Goldie, and gave the best promise of the bunch. That he can shoot was ably proved, besides possessing those arts of trickery near the coveted space.

McCartney has put on flesh during the close season, but his play was at least equal to that of 93-4. I did not see much of Cameron, although he won some admirers. Still for all this criticism, one could hardly judge the men fairly with these unfair conditions for besides the length of the grass, the ground was slippery after the afternoon’s rain.

They were to be out again this afternoon, and likely there was another big crowd to see their performance. On the same evening (Tuesday) as the Liverpool players made their debut, a “par” in our evening locals announced that Jimmy Ross (although he has put his name to both the League Association forms) declared he would not play for the Anfield club. This was startling, and, on inquiries, I find that it is true. I also learn that he has received two week’s salary from the club he should play for, besides the £75 transfer, forwarded to North End
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: August 25, 1894)



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