Burnley v Liverpool

September 4, 1894
Burnley v Liverpool.
Owing to the fine performance against Blackburn Rovers a big crowd assembled at Turf Moor yesterday to witness the first encounter between the above clubs in the First Division. Both sides were strongly represented, and faced each other as follows: –

Liverpool: William McCann, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, Matt McQueen, Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, John Givens, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen.
Burnley: Jack Hillman, Tom Nicol, Tom McLintock, Stuart Munn, Jimmy Crabtree, Archie Livingstone, Tom Morrison, Walter Place jnr, William Egan, Billy Bowes, Jimmy Hill.

The game opened spiritedly, Burnley almost getting through in the first moment, and after Gordon had essayed to break away McQue was compelled to grant a futile corner. Still having the best of the argument, Burnley did most of the pressing till M. McQueen struck the crossbar with a lofty shot. Liverpool then held command for a brief space, but a foul against M. McQueen sent out to H. McQueen, who with Bradshaw’s assistance carried the leather smartly up the wing, and from the former’s centre Gordon notched the first point for Liverpool.

After this the visitors improved, and were continually on the aggressive, McVean, McQue and McCartney each directing well-meant shots. Egan initiated a temporary raid in Liverpool quarters, but some dashing work by Gordon and McVean earned a fruitless corner. By a series of throw-ins, the homesters were again found pressing, and Egan sent past the post Carrying on the game with the greatest dash, both sides strove to their utmost, Bradshaw first, and then Crabtree heading fierce attacks upon their opponents’ fortress.

A foul to Liverpool in midfield was neutralised by another in the Burnley goal mouth. This was succeeded by a splendidly sustained effort on the part of Liverpool, almost all the forwards having a shy at goal. The Burnley forwards tried their best to break through the strong half-back line of Liverpool, but were not very successful, and Givens, Bradshaw and McQueen, playing with rare dash, kept the home defence continually at work.

At length Morrison and Place manipulated a corner off McQueen, from which Crabtree equalised. Hardly had the game been restarted, when the Liverpool forward sent past Hillman again from a free-kick, but the point was not allowed. After a somewhat lengthy interval Burnley were awarded a free-kick for a trivial infringement, from which the ball was rushed pass McCann. This quite unlooked for reverse roused the Livderpudlians, and from a pass by McCartney Bradshaw equalised in less than a minute. Hardly had the game been restarted when a miss-kick by McCartney was badly cleared by McCann, and again Burnley were leading. Three goals in three minutes.

Play became again in Liverpool’s favour, but some deliberate dirty work by Nichol against Bradshaw, twice in succession, seriously handicapped the visitors’ forward rank, and after Morrison had been grassed by McLean, the Liverpool team fairly peppered Hillman and his backs, and their persistency was at length rewarded by another goal from Bradshaw, thus making the game three all. The visitors pressed hotly to the finish and sent the ball into the net for the fourth time, but Mr. John Lewis disallowed the point, and a fiercely-contested game ended in a draw of three goals each.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 4, 1894)

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