Liverpool v Bolton Wanderers

September 14, 1894
Liverpool v Bolton Wanderers
This League match was played at the Anfield Road ground last evening, before 6,000 spectators. The weather was delightfully fine, but Hannah having lost the toss, had no alternative but to play against the sun. Promptly to time the teams appeared, and it was seen that both Ross and Kerr had turned out for the first time.

Liverpool: William McCann, Andrew Hannah, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, Matt McQueen, Patrick Gordon, Jimmy Ross, Neil Kerr, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen.
Bolton Wanderers: John Sutcliffe, John Somerville, Davie Weir, Alex Paton, John Miller, Archie Freebairn, Robert Tannahill, Jimmy Cassidy, Charlie Henderson, Jimmy Settle, William Andrews.

The opening manoeuvres were greatly in favour of Liverpool, who obtained a corner right off. This was safely negotiated, and the Wanderers rushed away. Andrews sent over to the left wing, and, McCartney misjudged badly, Cassidy rushed up and scored within two minutes of the start.

Liverpool ten improved and Sutcliffe was kept busy for a time, Bradshaw and Ross sending over the bar when at close range. Miller and Cassidy – the latter effecting a lot of offside play – then essayed two grand attempts, but both efforts were foiled by Hannah. Some beautiful passing by Ross, McQue, and Gordon initiated another raid upon the Wanderers’ goal, and again the Liverpool forwards suffered hard lines, Kerr’s final shot striking the upright.

A dashing run by McQueen resulted in another corner, which, after some near shaves, was cleared effectually. Maintaining command of the game in excellent style, the Liverpudlians completely penned the Wanderers in their goal, and nothing but the hardest luck saved the visitors’ stronghold from disaster.

The excitement grew intense as after a most severe bombardment a series of fouls occurred in the Wanderers’ goal, and great was the jubilation when Ross signalised his inclusion by equalising close upon half-time.

On resuming, the Wanderers were the first to cross the goal line. Ross and Bradshaw then, however, executed a fast run, but Somerville intervened, and Cassidy raced off, but McCartney, fouling him badly, was penalised, and the visitors again scored by a fast shot from Tannahill. Hardly had the game been restarted when the play again became located in the visitors’ quarters, and Kerr and Bradshaw unsuccessfully tested Sutcliffe. The pressure at was at length relieved by McQue sending among the spectators. Miller then became prominent for some brilliant work, and was the cause of anxious moments to the home supporters, but danger was removed by a lofty kick by McLean.

As the result of a really fine effort on the part of Ross, Gordon, and McCartney, Bradshaw almost lowered the visitors’ goal. A temporary rush by Cassidy and Settled menaced the home goal, McCann being hustled by the opposing forwards, for which a free kick was granted.

Several openings were obtained by the Liverpool forwards, but on two occasions Gordon completely ruined the chance by wild centring. From this point the play was evenly distributed, but the defence on either side was so exceedingly strong that no favourable opening could be found, although Andrews struck the cross-bar with a rasping shot.

Right up to the finish the home team played strongly, being continually on the aggressive, but partly owing to some indifferent play on the part of Gordon lost several good chances, and the game ultimately resulted in a win for the Wanderers by 2 goals to one.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 14, 1894)

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