Liverpool and District notes: November 5, 1894 (Athletic News)

November 5, 1894
Affairs in connection with the Liverpool club are getting desperate, as out of twelve matches they have only one solitary win to their credit, and out of a possible 24 points have only scored six. This is vastly different to the form of last season, and is bound to cause the executive some uneasiness. The team is evidently not class enough, and the men brought down to improve it are not a bit better than those who have done duty before them, and it is not to be wondered at that under these circumstances the system known as the weeing-out process has been adopted. Stringent measures have also been taken with a couple of men who have not trained as they ought, and in dispensing with Patrick Gordon and James McBride they have lost two really class men. I do not question the judgment of the executive in carrying out what they consider imperative measures for the maintenance of discipline, but what I regret is that such a thing should be necessary. The situation of the club is very precarious, and better results must come. There is a bright lining observable certainly, and bad as the results are, there are other clubs no better off. In football, clubs cannot all be winners, and a turn in the fortunes of the club would soon put them in a favorable position in the League table.
(Source: Athletic News: November 5, 1894)

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