Still on the down grade

November 5, 1894
Liverpool v Burnley.
These teams met on the ground of the Liverpool Club to play off their return League engagement before some 6,000 spectators. The previous game had ended in a draw of three goals each. The home side lost the toss and had to face a strong sun in the first portion of the game. The Burnley men were at once attacking the Liverpool charge, but they found Joe McQue and Duncan McLean a host in themselves. However, after Jack Hillman had twice saved, Peter Turnbull put the ball out to Tom Nicol on the extreme right, and he beat William McCann with a capital shot. The home side tried desperately hard to score, but they could not, and Burnley led at half-time by one goal to none.

On crossing over the home side made matters a bit more lively, but they found Hillman in one of his best moods, and he was not to be beaten. The Burnley men made a great rush, and from a free-kick for a foul McCann put the ball through his own goal. The Burnley men came again as fresh as paint, and McCann made a vain endeavor to save a shot from Jock Espie, and Burnley’s total was made up to three. After this Burnley got the ball through again, but the goalkeeper having been interfered with, no goal was scored. The Liverpool men came with a great rush towards the close, and Hillman saved four shots in marvelous fashion. Once he literally rolled Hugh Henderson from under the crossbar, and taking the ball from under him threw away.

Result: Burnley, three; Liverpool, none. Referee, Mr. Kirkham (Darwen).
(Source: Sporting Life: November 5, 1894)

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