Corinthians way too strong for Liverpool

February 25, 1895
Corinthians v Liverpool.
In spite of the many counter attractions there were quite 5,000 spectators at Leyton on Saturday to see Liverpool play their first match in London with the Corinthians. The ground was soft and holding, the recent frost having played havoc with the turf. The visitors had their full League team except two, who stood out in favour of some newly-imported Scotchmen.

In much worse plight were the Corinthians, for, owing to the many Cup-ties, they were greatly restricted in their choice of players, and only made up their team when they arrived on the ground. Under these circumstances Liverpool were expected to win, but they entirely failed to justify the confidence in them.

The Corinthians, on the other hand, played with all the dash and go of a combined team, and no one would have thought that the forwards had never played together before. For the first fifteen minutes the amateurs attacked, and several shots narrowly missed the visitors’ net. After this, and until half-time, the play was more open, but still the home team had the best of it.

Gerald Dewhurst opened the scoring with a very fine shot, but Liverpool soon equalised owing to the hesitation of the Corinthians’ goalkeeper. A few minutes later a Liverpool back stopped the ball with his hand close to goal and a penalty kick was claimed and allowed. This was entrusted to Dewhurst, who shot accurately and placed his side a goal ahead. Almost directly afterwards from a well-placed corner by Richard Barker, Lowe scored with a fine shot, and at half-time the Corinthians led by three goals to one.

The Liverpool men left the field for some time, but the amateurs remained. After a long interval the game recommenced, and Fernie missed an easy shot. For a time, the Liverpool backs and goalkeeper were constantly busy. At length Hugh Stanbrough broke through the defence and scored. The visitors now began to practice some questionable tricks, and may free-kicks were given against them. It was, however, near the end before Stanbrough again beat the goalkeeper after he had saved shots by Lowe and Dewhurst.

Just before the finish a good middle by Jimmy Ross was finely headed into the net by Harry Bradshaw, and thus the final score was:
Corinthians five goals, Liverpool two.

Criticism on the game is hardly possible, because the Corinthians were superior to their opponents at every point, and had they made the most of their chances the margin in their favour would have been much larger.
(Pall Mall Gazette: February 25, 1895)

Hugh Stanbrough, Corinthians F.C.


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