Liverpool and District Notes: May 6, 1895 (Athletic News)

May 6, 1895
I suppose we must expect some sensational pars dealing with the intentions of the Liverpool executive and players, but from what I hear the best of the talent at Anfield will be available next season. Like most clubs, they had a number of deadheads last season, and as the club can hardly afford to have them on the wage list they have quietly taken their departure.

Gossip has been pretty rife this week as to the probable break-up of the club, but it is the intention of the executive not only to continue but to have a team that will carry the club into the First Division. No doubt the men they signed in Scotland some months ago may have some scruples about coming down now the club is not in the first-class company, but I think they will be well advised in coming.

No players in the country are treated so well as at Liverpool, and if they are not comfortable it is their own fault. The executive have had to deal in what looks a harsh manner with several players last season, but it has been forced upon them by the conduct of the players themselves. To my mind the club will survive the blow they received in the test match, one of many, I may say, they received during the season, for there is now a more reasonable feeling amongst football enthusiasts, and should they play a good game the “gates” will be right. Then there are the Cup-ties, and a good team ought to make money out of them.

The public of Liverpool have shown they can and will support two good teams, and no doubt they will attend even Second Division League matches at Anfield.
(Source: Athletic News: May 6, 1895)

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