Fred Geary transferred to Liverpool

June 1, 1895
Fred Geary has settled to play for Liverpool, who are reported to be still on the look out for fresh talent. Second division clubs, trouble!
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: June 1, 1895)


Everton are in a comfortable position, their balance sheet showing £4,000 to the credit of the profit and loss account.

They have parted with Fred Geary, but the Nottingham player has not to leave the city, for the Liverpool club jumped at the chance of having him.

There is a lot of football left in Geary yet. He can still go the pace for 90 minutes, and it will be surprising if he does not make things “hum” against second-class defenders.

It is a pity that three fine forwards like Jimmy Ross, Geary and Frank Becton should be compelled to vegetate with Second Division football.

Everton may be in a difficulty next season about the centre-forward position. One hears nothing of Jack Southworth nowadays, and the only man who can properly fill the position is Abe Hartley, the old Dumbarton man.

Alf Milward, once “England’s only left,” will continue to be the utility man of the forward rank.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: June 15, 1895)


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