A strange transfer for George Allan

June 5, 1895
It is stated that George Allan, the Leith Athletic centre forward, who is young, and fine physique, and has been described as the “Johnny Goodall of Scotland,” was actually secured by Burnley, as originally announced.

After the deed had been done the club representative, it is said, saw Allan play but was so dissatisfied with his display and especially on the big terms agreed upon, that he willingly accepted the offer of the Liverpool representative, with the result that he was transferred to the Anfield Road club.

The Liverpool papers have gone in ecstasies about the capture, and one begins to think that the step taken by the Burnley representative was a little bit too precipitate.

A suspicion prevails that Allan rued his bargain after he had fastened himself to Burnley, and that if Allan’s exhibition was to be relied on the Liverpool agent would not have been to ready to relieve Burnley of the man.

I know that he was signed for Burnley, and as I know from an official source that a hitch arose at the last moment, and that Burnley have not the player.

I take for granted that the statement in the paper declaring that Allan was transferred to Liverpool is correct.
(Source: Burnley Express: June 5, 1895)

George Allan 1897

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