Everton F.C.: The new directorate

July 1, 1895
The shareholders of the Everton Football Club Company, Limited, assembled last evening in the Picton Hall to elect a new board of directors, this step having become necessary owing to the resignation of the ten gentlemen who formerly held office.

It will be remembered that Messrs. George Mahon, Abraham Coates, Robert Wilson, Reid and James Griffiths resigned on the ground that a certain lack of confidence in their direction of affairs had been expressed at the annual meeting of the club, while hostile expressions of opinion at a subsequent meeting led to the resignation also of Dr James Baxter, Messrs. William Clayton, Arthur Leyland, John Davies, and Benjamin Kelly.

Dr William Whitford, J.P., presided over last evening’s proceedings, and his efforts were mainly instrumental in the amicable conduct of business, which on previous occasions formed the subject of debates by no means orderly.

At the commencement of the proceedings the Chairman inquired whether Mr. Mahon and his colleagues intended to offer themselves for re-election to the board. A reply in the negative was given by Mr. Mahon, who explained that a refusal to accept office would have been given at the previous meeting had all the gentlemen concerned been present.

Mr. Clayton, expressing regret at this decision, pointed out that under the circumstances they could only proceed to elect other directors and proposed Mr. J.M.C. Crawshaw’s appointment to a position on the board.

The motion was at once seconded, and after a delay consequent upon the somewhat obstinate nomination of Mr. Mahon and Dr Whitford for office, which they declined to accept, Messrs. William Jackson, John Prescot, G. Mitchell, Edward Askew Bainbridge, John C. Brooks, Alfred Riley Wade, and William Cuff were proposed as directors in place of the five gentlemen whose resignation were primarily tendered.

Scrutineers were appointed, and after a short interval the Chairman declared the following gentlemen had been elected by the votes indicated: Messrs. Precott, 300; Crawshaw, 265; Brooks, 225; Bainbridge, 186; and Cuff, 169. The announcement was received with enthusiastic cheers.

It was then proposed that the other five retiring directors – Dr Baxter, Messrs. Clayton, Leyland, Davies, and Kelly – be requested to withdraw their resignations. The Chairman, speaking on the authority of Mr. North, who acted as legal adviser to the gathering, ruled the motion out of order; but a more regular proposal, that the gentlemen in question be re-appointed, received admission, the Chairman rebuking severely an “improper expression” of feeling which greeted it. In addition, Dr Wright, Messrs. Mitchell, Jackson and Savage were nominated. Considerable delay was caused by the tedious attempts of a shareholder to speak in support of a motion which was obviously out of order, but the firm ruling of the chairman, which received cordial support, was at length enforced.

While the scrutineers were counting votes the chairman seized the opportunity of moving an important resolution. He expressed the opinion that the faithful services of Mr. Mahon, and the four other gentlemen who resigned with him, merited the profound gratitude of all shareholders, and proposed the heartiest vote of thanks to them. The proposition, which was loudly applauded, was seconded by Mr. Clayton, who said that each of the gentlemen named had devoted a great amount of time to the business of the board, and he only regretted that they had declined to accept the office to which they were re-elected at the last meeting of the club. Mr. Currier, Mr. Crosby, and other shareholders supported the motion, which was adopted amid loud cheering.

Mr. Mahon was cordially greeted as he rose to respond. He acknowledged with gratitude the expressions of confidence in himself and his colleagues, and asserted correctly that their feeling towards the new directorate would be one of “utter friendliness.” Promising the new board such assistance as it might be within their power to render at any time. Mr. Mahon said he trusted that the atmosphere would be cleared by that evening’s proceedings, and that the name of the club would regain its original lustre. These remarks, graceful in their tone, were warmly cheered.

The result of the further election was then announced, the Chairman declaring the following gentlemen to be elected: Dr Baxter, 307, Messrs. Kelly, 264; Clayton, 218; Leyland, 198; and Davies, 165. Cheering again greeted the announcement of the chairman, to whom a cordial vote of thanks was conveyed on the motion of Mr. Mahon, seconded by Mr. Clayton. Dr Whitford’s expression of opinion that the proceedings of that evening had gone far to redeem the reputation of the club concluded the proceedings.
(Liverpool Mercury: July 2, 1895)


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