Football League meeting (July 10, 1895)

July 10, 1895
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at the Colonade Hotel, Birmingham, yesterday. There were present – Messrs. John James Bentley (president), L. Ford and D. Haigh (vice-presidents), Bellamy, Molyneux, Parlby, Dunckley, and Lockett (secretary).

An application for alteration of dates with Wolverhampton Wanderers was made by Bury, but it was not acceded to, it not being possible to arrange convenient dates.

Nottingham Forest, who had omitted to place Neil McCallum on their transfer list, applied for him to be reinstated, but as Notts County had signed him he was adjudged a Notts player.

A claim for £120, difference in gate, was claimed by Aston Villa from Everton, but not acceded to.

The following transfer of players were confirmed: –
Stoke applied for Peter Dowds and Sawyers, omitted from the list, to be added to the transfers;

Caesar Jenkyns, Small Heath to Woolwich Arsenal;
Albert Flewitt, Lincoln City to Everton;
John Henderson, Everton to Newcastle United;
John Clements, Rotherham Town to Newcastle United;
John Baird, Aston Villa to Leicester Fosse;
Jack Sorley, Blackburn Rovers to Burton Swifts;
Charles Henderson, Bolton Wanderers to Wolves;
Joe Fall, Newton Heath to Small Heath;
Jimmy Crabtree, Burnley to Aston Villa;
Bob Ward, Burton Wanderers to Woolwich Arsenal;
Archie McKenzie, Everton to Sunderland;
J.W. Calvert, Bury to Sheffield United;
John Walker, Everton to Leicester Fosse;
Fred Geary, Everton to Liverpool;
Billy Mellors, The Wednesday to Loughborough;
Jock Bell, Wolves to Grimsby Town;
George Allan, Burnley to Liverpool;
Robert Gray, Aston Villa to Grimsby Town;
Jimmy Logan, Notts County to Newcastle United;
Walter Cartwright, Crewe Alexandra to Newton Heath;
Billy Beats, Burslem Port Vale to Wolves;
Charles Dickson, Newcastle United to Loughborough;
Tom Shrewsbury, Derby County to Darwen;
George Swift, Wolves to Loughborough;
Hugh Robertson, Everton to Burnley;
Jimmy Stevenson, Blackburn Rovers to Derby County;
George Kinsey, Aston Villa to Derby County;
Robert Brown, The Wednesday, to Bolton Wanderers;
Ted Evans, Stoke to Bury;
Samuel Mills, Derby County to Woolwich Arsenal;
Bob Gordon, Leicester Fosse to Woolwich Arsenal;
William Eccleston, Grimsby Town to Preston North End;
Jack Edwards, Bury to West Bromwich;
Hugh McQueen, Liverpool to Derby County;
Walter Rose, Derby County to Loughborough Town.
(Source: Nottingham Evening Post: July 11, 1895)

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