Sheffield United look to Liverpool and Anfield

July 10, 1895
For some time past the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club have had in consideration a project for increasing the stand accommodation at Bramall Lane, and the necessity for such improvement has been clearly evident to visitors to football matches.

It is, therefore, satisfactory to announce that it has been definitely decided to erect a commodions covered stand at the John-street end of the ground, in place of the old booths and stand which has stood there for the past 30 years.

A deputation from the Bramall-lane authorities having visited Liverpool with the object of inspecting the grand stand of the Liverpool Club, returned from that city perfectly satisfied with what they had seen, and thereupon the United Club entered into a contract for the erection of a similar structure, which is to be ready by the 1st September, when the football season opens.

Yesterday operations commenced by the demolition of the old stand.

The new building will be principally of brick, and 65 yards long, with 11 rows of terraced seats, and at the back of these there will be a promenade 5ft. wide.

At the front there will be a splendid veranda, standing out in a horizontal line, averaging 15ft. from the foremost seat.

There will be four good staircases entrances from inside the ground, and one large one in John-street, and underneath the stand there will be the dressing rooms, &c., together with a first-class hotel bar.

The structure will not be so large as that of the Liverpool Club, the stand of the latter measuring 120 yards, or about equal to the distance from goal line to goal line.

The seats for the committee, and probably the Press, will be in the centre, and the latter will be a decided improvement, both in size and comfort, to the old place.

A wooden affair, which is being knocked up under the Bramall-lane end shed is to serve as a temporary refreshment bar for Mr. E. Donoghue during the construction of his new booth.

Mr. G. Rutherford, of Liverpool, the contractor for the Liverpool stand, is also conducting operations in connection with the Bramall Lane one, together with Mr. J. Prescott, C.E., the architect and surveyor, also of Liverpool.

It is expected that the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club grand stand will prove to be one of the finest in the country.
(Source: Sheffield Independent: July 11, 1895)

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