Baseball at Anfield

July 27, 1895
Globe Cup – semi-finals
The penultimate games of the cup contest, reached on Saturday. Produced the keenest interest. The four clubs competing for a place in this season’s final tie were perhaps of a higher class than have before figured in the competition at this stage, the three leading league organisations being included.

The encounter between Union and Seafield, at the Liverpool Football Club’s enclosure at Anfield, attracted much attention, and the gate, although not of the dimensions so often seen when an important football game is in progress, was nevertheless a fair one, taking into consideration the unsettled state of the weather.

Neither side were fully represented, D.E. Connor and Jeacock, of Union, and T. Howson, of Seafield, being absentees.

The game, which terminated favourably to Union by one run and four men to bat, although at times somewhat slow, produced many fine points.

A feature of the match was the small scoring, the bowlers, J. Yates and J. Brian for the respective sides, being difficult to bat, but their display was not too brilliant, as the extras recorded during the game numbered 58.

The fielding of both teams was fair, Seafield showing a marked improvement in this departure on their previous efforts opposed by Union.

With the bat, J. Bowman, of Seafield, proved most successful, his contribution of 22 being a fine exposition, whilst the only other batsman reaching double figures were A. Clayton and T. Williams, with 12 each for their respective sides, the former being not out.

Peculiar features of the match were that Seafield scored the same number of runs in both innings (46), and Yates giving 13 extras in each essay.

The union men have now unquestionably asserted their superiority over their northern rivals, this being their third success over Seafield in four weeks.

The contest between the cupholders (Everton) and Cambridge was witnessed by an immense crowd. The match resulted favourably to the Evertonians, who won by 21 runs and six men to bat.

R. Tinnion was in grand form with the ball, and the backstopping of R. Borrows and H. Hudson was next to perfect.

The batsmen showing prominently were W. McGaw (34 not out), G. Staveley (22), and R. Borrows (21) of the winning team; whilst H. Blampkin (30), of the defeated side battered vigorously.

With such formidable opponents as Union and Everton the final tie will be looked forward to with eagerness.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: July 29, 1895)

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