The purchase of the Everton Football Ground

August 13, 1895
The directors of the Everton Football Club have (says a Liverpool contemporary) successfully negotiated the purchase of the ground at Goodison Park. For some time past rumours have been cast about that the directors had been unable to raise money by mortgage on the ground, or at any rate that they had approached several financiers for the purpose, and that they could not effect a deal at all serviceable to their requirements.

But a mortgage of £5,000 has been obtained, and signed, sealed, and delivered most satisfactorily for the club; and furthermore, the directors have paid down in cash an additional £1,000 to the one previously made by the old board of directors, when negotiations were first arranged for the purchase of Goodison Park by the club, and the whole business has now been completed.
(Manchester Courier: August 13, 1895)

A sketch of Goodison Park from 1903.
Goodison Park 1903