10,000 at Anfield for the practice match

August 20, 1895
The evening at Anfield Road afforded us a glimpse of their capabilities, and without saying too much their general performance must be marked “very good”.

The ground was in prime order, and the old players went about their work with a refreshing dash that implies they are in sound condition, and eager for the fray. Indeed, with the players at their command, I do not know two teams that should make them gallop in their division this season.

John Holmes, brother of the North End back, gave a very promising display, and Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie and George Allan – the other new men – proved they have played football before. Without mentioning the others who did noble duty, their initial exhibition has given every hope of a most successful season.

The ground was well surrounded by upwards 10.000 spectators and for go and zeal I am sure those who witnessed it returned pleased and contented.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: August 24, 1895)

Article II

The postponed practice match of the Liverpool club took place at the historic Anfield ground, before 12.000 people.

The teams were:
Whites: Whitehead, goal; Curran and Wilkie, backs; Holmes and Ford, half-backs; McVean, Ross, Allan, Becton and Geary, forwards.
Blues: McQueen, goal; Goldie and Dunlop, backs; McCartney, McQue and McLean, half-backs; Griffiths, Bardsley, Bradshaw, Hannah, forwards.

Owing to the non-appearance of one or two local men, the teams were each composed of but 10 men, but the play was of a vigorous nature. The new men shaped in exceedingly good style, but especially did J. Holmes, the old North Ender, show the stamp of the hall mark on his play.

The players generally exhibited excellence of condition, and without doubt will be a hard nut to crack for all second raters.

The speedy forwards were in notable evidence, and a bright career is no doubt before the junior club.
(Liverpool Mercury: August 21, 1895)


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