Season preview 1895-96: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

September 2, 1895
The practice matches at Anfield have been well attended, and it is admitted on all hands that the team will be the strongest the club has placed on the field.

The new men are Archie Goldie from the Clyde-club, Tom Wilkie from the Heart of Midlothian, backs; John Holmes, of Preston, half back; and George Allan, from the Leith Athletic, centre forward. All have shown good form, and it is expected the backs will give a better account of themselves than those who did duty last season.

They play a more steady game, and we are likely to have less of the bull in the China shop business. It is a near thing between Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, and John Curran for the position, but as I have said either of them promises to be an improvement.

The three half backs will be the same, and should be quite as effective as last season. Allan played very well in the centre on Thursday evening, passing to his wings with judgment and shooting well.

With the exception of Fred Geary, the others took part in last season’s matches with varying success. They cultivated the inside style of passing to perfection, but if there had been less attractive play and more goals probably the club would at present have been in the First Division. Geary and Allan may alter the style without losing its hold on the public.

The executive are not blessed with an abundance of stock, but the men at their disposal are a very level lot, and some difficulty, and probably heart-burning, will arise over the selection of the team.

With the improved eleven in the second division, the games at Anfield are likely to be well attended, and though the results of two seasons ago in the same competition cannot be beaten, there is a feeling amongst the followers of the club that the team will take part in the test matches.

They open with the Celtic tomorrow evening.
(Source: Athletic News: September 2, 1895)

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