Football League meeting (September 5, 1895)

September 5, 1895
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held on Thursday at the Lion Hotel, Nottingham, the principal business being to allot referees for the various matches to be played during October.

Mr. John James Bentley, of Bolton, the president of the League, occupied the chair, and there were also present – Mr. D. Haigh (Sheffield), Mr. Louis Ford (West Bromwich) (vice presidents), and Mr. R. Molyneux (Liverpool, note correct should be Everton), and the secretary (Mr. Harry Lockett).

The Secretary reported the result of the Appeal Committee’s decision awarding Sunderland £125 for the non-fulfilment of League fixtures by Everton. It will be remembered that the Football Association have since awarded Everton £75 from Sunderland for the breach, on the part of the latter club, of their agreement on Good Friday.

A player named A.G. Rule had been signed by Everton, but as he had been on the retaining list for Woolwich Arsenal he was declared a League player for the latter club.

The following transfers were granted: –
Neil Kerr, from Liverpool to Nottingham Forest; John Barnes, Small Heath to Burton Wanderers; Fred Collison, Everton to Bury; R.F. Poole, Manchester City to Rotherham Town; L. Milroy, Newton Heath to Manchester City; Richard Davies, from Manchester City to Leicester Fosse; John Berry, Burton Swifts to Loughborough; E.J. Boylan, Everton to Rotherham Town; W. Wardrope, Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United; James Stott, Grimsby Town to Newcastle United; James Collins, Nottingham Forest to Newcastle United; A.R. Keymer, Newton Heath to Manchester City; S. Munn, Burnley to Grimsby Town; Walter Clarke, Small Heath to Darwen; John Miller, The Wednesday to Derby County; E. Burgoyne, Preston North End to Crewe Alexandra; R. Cross, from West Bromwich to Burton Swifts.

The referees were appointed as follows, the matches being upon the ground of the first named in each instance: –

First Division
Date Home team v Away team Referee
October 5, 1895 The Wednesday v West Bromwich Mr. E. Ramsbottom
October 5, 1895 Everton v Sheffield United Mr. J.H. Strawson
October 5, 1895 Preston North End v Small Heath Mr. J. Fox
October 5, 1895 Wolves v Stoke Mr. A. Kingscott
October 5, 1895 Bolton Wanderers v Bury Mr. J. Tomlinson
October 5, 1895 Blackburn Rovers v Burnley Mr. D. Hammond
October 5, 1895 Aston Villa v Sunderland Mr. J. Lewis
October 5, 1895 Nottingham Forest v Derby County Mr. T. Armitt
October 7, 1895 Sheffield United v Sunderland Mr. T. Simpson
October 12, 1895 West Bromwich v Aston Villa Mr. T. Simpson
October 12, 1895 Nottingham Forest v Everton Mr. J. Brodie
October 12, 1895 Blackburn Rovers v Preston North End Mr. G.H. Dale
October 12, 1895 Derby County v Stoke Mr. T. Helme
October 12, 1895 Bolton Wanderers v Burnley Mr. J. Lewis
October 12, 1895 Bury v Small Heath Mr. F. Bye
October 12, 1895 The Wednesday v Wolves Mr. J.H. Strawson
October 19, 1895 Everton v West Bromwich Mr. T. Armitt
October 19, 1895 Preston North End v Burnley Mr. R. Kirkham
October 19, 1895 Wolves v Sheffield United Mr. T. Helme
October 19, 1895 Stoke v Small Heath Mr. J. Jefferies
October 19, 1895 Bolton Wanderers v Nottingham Forest Mr. A. Scragg
October 19, 1895 Aston Villa v Blackburn Rovers Mr. A.G. Kingston
October 19, 1895 Sunderland v The Wednesday Mr. A. Backer
October 19, 1895 Derby County v Bury Mr. J. Brodie
October 26, 1895 West Bromwich v The Wednesday Mr. E. Ramsbottom
October 26, 1895 Burnley v Everton Mr. J. Lewis
October 26, 1895 Nottingham Forest v Preston North End Mr. W.H. Stacey
October 26, 1895 Bolton Wanderers v Stoke Mr. J. Fox
October 26, 1895 Small Heath v Aston Villa Mr. J. Tomlinson
October 26, 1895 Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland Mr. J.H. Strawson
October 26, 1895 Derby County v Wolves Mr. H. Rennington
Second Division
October 3, 1895 Notts County v Grimsby Town Mr. W. Rawling
October 5, 1895 Burslem Port Vale v Darwen Mr. A. Hale
October 5, 1895 Woolwich Arsenal v Rotherham Town Mr. T.W.H. Saywell
October 5, 1895 Newton Heath v Manchester City Mr. F. Davies
October 5, 1895 Lincoln City v Burton Swifts Mr. W.H. Stacey
October 5, 1895 Newcastle United v Liverpool Mr. F. Hardisty
October 5, 1895 Crewe Alexandra v Notts County Mr. J.M. Bayliss
October 5, 1895 Leicester Fosse v Loughborough Mr. Mr. J.C. Tillotson
October 5, 1895 Burton Wanderers v Grimsby Town Mr. G.H. Dale
October 7, 1895 Liverpool v Crewe Alexandra Mr. S. Ormerod
October 12, 1895 Manchester City v Darwen Mr. E. Ramsbottom
October 12, 1895 Woolwich Arsenal v Burton Wanderers Mr. A. Green
October 12, 1895 Liverpool v Newton Heath Mr. S. Thomas
October 19, 1895 Grimsby Town v Liverpool Mr. A. Hale
October 19, 1895 Woolwich Arsenal v Burton Swifts Mr. J.C. Tillotson
October 19, 1895 Newton Heath v Newcastle United Mr. F. Bye
October 19, 1895 Notts County v Lincoln City Mr. Sinclair
October 19, 1895 Darwen v Burslem Port Vale Mr. McGill
October 19, 1895 Crewe Alexandra v Manchester City Mr. W.H. Pennington
October 19, 1895 Burton Wanderers v Leicester Fosse Mr. J. Adams
October 21, 1895 Burslem Port Vale v Liverpool Mr. S. Ormerod
October 26, 1895 Burslem Port Vale v Crewe Alexandra Mr. J. Wilson
October 26, 1895 Manchester City v Grimsby Town Mr. Muscroft
October 26, 1895 Rotherham Town v Woolwich Arsenal Mr. T. Furniss
October 26, 1895 Loughborough v Lincoln City Mr. F. Townsend
October 26, 1895 Newcastle United v Newton Heath Mr. J. Jefferies
October 26, 1895 Burton Swifts v Burton Wanderers Mr. T. Armitt
October 26, 1895 Liverpool v Notts County Mr. A. Scragg
October 26, 1895 Leicester Fosse v Darwen Mr. G. Hay

(Nottingham Evening Post: September 7, 1895)

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