Newcastle United v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: October 5, 1895)

October 5, 1895
Key note: “There would be fully 10,000 people assembled on the ground when Liverpool kicked off against the slope, and the life and vigour that were at once imparted into the game by both teams started a wave of enthusiasm that never ceased until the whistle blew. The pace was excessively hot, and United were apparently bent upon wiping out the defeat they sustained at Liverpool, who, it will be remembered, scored five goals to one against them. The forwards played faultlessly, their passing and dribbling being of an exceptionally high order. Once again the honours of the front division were carried off by Aitken and Wardrope, whose cleverness in dribbling and running frequently elicited loud applause. Liverpool played a rattling game, but the forwards could not get round the opposing backs to score. Bradshaw and Ross were again and again defeated by Foyers, and the half-backs were a trifle slow in stopping the terrific rushes of the home forwards. It was impossible for McQueen to stop the shot that effected the downfall of his team, as it was banged through with lightening rapidity by Wardrope.” (Athletic News: October 7, 1895)

Match: Football League, Second Division, at St. James’s Park, kick-off: 15:00.
Newcastle United – Liverpool 1-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 12,000.
Referee: Mr. F. Hardisty.
Newcastle United (2-3-5): James Henderson, Robert McDermid, Bobby Foyers, William Miller, William Graham, Jimmy Stott, James Collins, William McKay, William Thompson, Andrew Aitken, Willie Wardrope.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Matt McQueen, John Curran, Billy Dunlop, John McCartney, Joe McQue, John Holmes, Malcolm McVean, Jimmy Ross, Harry Bradshaw, Frank Becton, Fred Geary.
The goals: 1-0 Wardrope (18 min.).

Did you know that the Newcastle goal-scorer Willie Wardrope emigrated to the United States in 1910 and died from cholera a year later, in October, 1911?

Willie Wardrope, Newcastle (Lichfield Mercury: March 3, 1899):

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):


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