Champagne for Mr. John Houlding

November 1, 1895
Mr. Thomas McCracken and Councillor John Houlding have just returned from a visit to the champagne district.

Writing from Reims on the 30th September, Mr. McCracken says: –
As merchants here paid enormous prices for their 1889, 1892, 1893 wines, and as the sale in England and elsewhere have been so limited within the last eighteen months, I am fully persuaded that in a very short time champagne of the finest brands will be obtainable in England at prices that have not been heard of for fully forty years, so enormous are the stocks in hand. I believe the question with the champagne shippers is simply who will bell the cat, as down prices must come. I myself have been offered some of the most perfect champagne that will enable me to advertise to the public at 68s. per. dozen bottles, which I shall do  in about one month.
(Liverpool Mercury: November 1, 1895)

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