Letter to the editor: Recreation ground for the north end.

Friday, November 1 – 1895
To the editors of the Liverpool Mercury.

Gentlemen. – With your kind permission, may I draw the attention of the electors, especially those of the north end, to a matter of urgent importance, viz., the provision of a recreation ground at the north end of Liverpool, wherein children in attendance at elementary schools may play such games as cricket, rounders, and football without let or hindrance?

The wards at the north end contain, I believe, about one-third of the population of the city. Yet, since outdoor games were forbidden in Stanley Park, I know of no public space (though intimately acquainted with the district) where children of this locality may engage in such games.

For some years the teachers of the schools have endeavoured to induce the children in the open air, by instituting various competitions amongst the schools; but their efforts are frustrated from the lack of ground whereon to play.

The result is that the children are driven into the streets to induce in all kinds of mischief and rowdiness, or to the brickfields. But the latter are surely not the fit resort of children, if we consider the danger arising from the presence of unfenced pits of deep water, the filthy state of the ground in bad weather, and the presence of gangs of loafers whose language is too vile to mention.

On behalf of the children of the north end I would, therefore, earnestly beg of the parents to impress upon the members for the various wards the desirability of providing a recreation ground for Everton and Kirkdale if elected to the City Council.

A.E. McDougall, Granton-road, B.S., 30th October, 1895.
(Liverpool Mercury, 01-11-1895)

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