Aston Villa club and a new ground

Wednesday, November 6 – 1895
The provincial agreement entered into by the Aston Villa Committee and Messrs. Flower, proprietor of the Aston Lower Grounds, was recently signed, and yesterday documents were duly exchanged.

The committee of the club are allowed until January 1, 1896, to make up their minds as to whether the ground shall be taken or not; it is still competent for the club to make better terms with other people if they can get them. But considering that the scheme has been approved by 15 out of the 17 members of the committee appointed to obtain a ground for the club, it is scarcely likely that anything better will be heard of.

Still, the club are not as yet bound by agreement. The prospectus will shortly be drawn up; the capital will be fixed at £10,000, in 2,000 shares of £5 each, but not more  than three-fourth of this is to be called up, and the sum wanted will be asked for in easy installments.
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 07-11-1895)

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