English League v Irish League 2-2 (Inter League: November 9, 1895)

November 9, 1895
International: Inter League, at Victoria Grounds (Stoke), kick-off: 15:00.
English League – Irish League 2-2 (0-2).
Attendance: 3,000.
Referee: Mr. Tom Armitt (Leek); linesmen: Messrs. J. McKnight (Ireland) and J. Parlby (England).
English League (2-3-5): Tom Baddeley (Burslem Port Vale), George Eccles (Burslem Port Vale), George Swift (Loughborough Town), Jimmy Turner (Stoke), Bob Chatt (Aston Villa), Thomas Chapman (Manchester City), Bill Williams (Everton), Patrick Finnerhan (Manchester City), Tommy McCairns (Grimsby Town), Albert Flewitt (Everton), Billy Dorrell (Aston Villa).
Irish League (2-3-5): Thomas Scott (Cliftonville), Jack Ponsonby (Distillery), Sam Torrans (Linfield), Alex Hattie (Glentoran), Jack Campbell (Cliftonville), Jack Burnett (Glentoran), Gideon Baird (Distillery), George Hall (Glentoran), John Peden (Distillery), Jim Kelly (Glentoran), Olphert Stanfield (Distillery).
The goals: 0-1 Kelly 30 min.), 0-2 Kelly (44 min.), 1-2 Williams (60 min.), 2-2 Finnerhan (80 min.).

** Liverpool’s Frank Becton was selected for this match but had to be withdrawn due to injury, Flewitt replacing him.
** The Irish League was mentioned as “Belfast League” in some Irish media reports.

Sam Torrans, Linfield (Dundee Evening Telegraph: January 28, 1898).


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