Liverpool v Leicester Fosse

November 11, 1895
On Saturday the Leicester Fosse team made their initial visit to Liverpool. No doubt, owing to the rather low position the visitors hold in the League table, and the present weak state of the Anfield combination, the crowd never exceeded 5,000. The teams appeared as follows:

Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, Bill Keech, Joe McQue, John McLean, Harry Bradshaw, Jimmy Ross, Fred Geary, Frank Becton, Davie Hannah.
Leicester Fosse: Jimmy Thraves, Harry Davy, Harry Bailey, James Brown, Jack Walker, Arthur Henrys, John Lynes, Davie Manson, Willie McArthur, Harry Trainer, Matt Bishop.

Ross, with his proverbial luck in tossing, again won the choice of ends, and upon the game commencing play at once took place in the visitors’ quarters, Bradshaw making a great effort from a clever screw into the centre by Hannah. For a space the game was well contested, the physique of the visitors, together with their great speed, making them the most dangerous of opponents; but clever and determined full-back play on the part of McQue and Keech held the visiting attack in check, and consequently the home forwards were given numerous chances, Bradshaw especially sending in a grand shot after receiving from the left, whilst Geary also had a shy which went wide. After a brief dash by McArthur, which at one time look dubious, Ross, fed by McQue led up an attack, and being tackled crossed to Hannah, whose return was nicely met by Geary, and headed into the net, twenty minutes from the kick-off.

Somewhat inspired by this success, Liverpool woke up, and a splendidly-judged shot by Geary dropped right under bar, where Davy almost brought the leather out of Thraves’s hands. From this point up to half-time the play was of the slowest order, although Liverpool were generally the aggressor, as on two different occasions they forced three successive corners; but so sterling was the play of Bailey and Davy that no further scoring took place.

On resuming, after Becton had screwed in twice, a bad five minutes for Liverpool was recorded, for as the outcome of a combined dash by Lynes and Manson the home charge was severely bombarded. Hannah and Becton got off in nice fashion, and the latter’s shot was luckily charged down by Walker. Just when Liverpool were pressing most a long lob out to McArthur put him in possession, but in spite of a decided appeal for offside he was allowed to go on, and by giving the ball to Lynes the Liverpool defence was completely beaten, and McQueen being in two minds when dealing with the latter’s centre was easily defeated by Bishop and the score equalised.

Hardly had the game been restarted when Ross and Hannah worked their way through, and Davy, to stop their onward career, illegitimately tackled Hannah, and from the resulting free-kick, taken by McLean with great judgment, Geary again defeated the custodian by heading into the net. From this point the Liverpool eleven were masters of the situation, and just as time approached a free-kick was so well placed by Wilkie that one of his forwards headed into Thraves’s hands. Upon the latter throwing clear of his line, the ball was sent up the field by Walker, but Wilkie met the leather again and returned once more into the goal mouth, and had the satisfaction of seeing his attempt converted into a full point by the home forwards bundling the visiting backs and goalkeeper over the line. Directly afterwards time was called, and a rather unexciting game resulted in a win for Liverpool by 3 goals to 1.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 11, 1895)

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